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Editorial fodder — Kennewick's $3 million lawsuit

Busy week, and I may not get around to posting a poll to gauge our online audience’s reaction to this week’s editorial topics.

I’m guessing that the list would probably be topped by the city of Kennewick’s loss of its appeal to reduce a $3 million jury verdict in the Columbia Park Golf Course case.

John Trumbo posted a short breaking news story Thursday afternoon on, reporting that the Court of Appeals was ruling against the city’s request to overturn the results of a June 2009 Benton County Superior Court trial. In that earlier case, a jury found that Kennewick had breached its contract with Gary Long Jr., operator of the golf course.

The story certainly touched a nerve — might be the multimillion-dollar cost to taxpayers. It didn’t take readers long to find Trumbo’s breaker and start a comment thread.

The editorial board will be trying to find something worthwhile to add to the conversation. Would love to hear your thoughts about what that might be.