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Bobbleheads, bad dogs and year-round school - editorial preview Feb 1-8

The Pasco School Board is considering options for dealing with overcrowding if its $59 million construction bond fails. It’s a good move. Voters need as much information as possible before casting their ballots. That includes knowing what to expect if the bond measure fails.

Dog bite victims are asking Franklin County to provide for animal control. Hard to blame them. Teaming with Pasco on a contract seems like a cost-effective approach. County commissioners need to take a serious look.

Washington State University Tri-Cities and Hanford contractor Energy Solutions are looking at an innovative partnership to build a 13,000-square-foot lab across from the Richland campus. It’s not a done deal, but beyond some necessary uncertainty we can’t see a downside.

We weren’t able summon much enthusiasm for the debate over whether Sarah Palin’s Spudnut reference was insightful or inane. We were, however, delighted to see the iconic Richland eatery getting some national attention.

The Senate’s decision to eliminate so-called “secret holds” is good news for democracy. Allowing a single, anonymous senator to put an indefinite hold on the nation’s business virtually guaranteed abuses of power. Good riddance.

Tri-City police chiefs and sheriffs report major crimes were down 1 percent last year. It’s not much change but certainly better than an increase. Even more significant, violent crime was down 11 percent. A lot of factors went into the decline, including good police work. Kudos to law enforcement.

U.S. Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., was named to head the Senate’s Veterans Affairs Committee. Bottom line: It’s good news for veterans.

Lura Powell, retired director of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, was picked to lead state redistricting commission that’s responsible for drawing the boundaries for the state’s new congressional district. The four voting members are white men from the west side. In addition to her intellectual and organizational skills, Powell brings geographic and gender diversity to panel. Good move.

Columbia Basin College is offering loaner laptops for its students. The good news: More kids are going to be successful because of this loans. The bad news: Too few laptops to go around. This program ought to be expanded.

The Americans pay tribute to superfan Jimmy “Woo-Hoo” Butcher on Friday. The celebration includes giving away 800 bobblehead dolls in Jimmy’s likeness. A classy move by the Tri-City hockey team in honor of a classy guy.