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Headlines we didn't see in 2010

On Sunday, we’re presenting readers with a list of interesting but unlikely headlines for 2011. We ran the same exercise a year ago, so I guess it’s our new New Year’s tradition.

You’ll have to wait until Sunday to see what we came up with, but I’ll paste last year’s headline predictions below. As you’ll see, we’re better at coming up with some interesting ideas than predicting the future.

I hope some of you will use the comment function to share some headline ideas of your own.

Happy New Year — Chris Sivula

“Nordstrom’s opening on Kennewick Ave.”

“TEA Party unites with ACORN”

“Bipartisan spirit eases state budget crisis”

“WSU taps Laurel Piippo for advisory post”

“U.S. court says dams must stay”

“Falling Franklin crime rate ends jail problem”

“Seattle fits Space Needle for wind turbine”

“DOE meets all Hanford deadlines”

“Sen. Reid cuts the ribbonfor Yucca Mountain opening”

“TCH subscriptions exceed New York Times”

“DOE develops a sense of humor”

“Obama says nuclear energy ‘the answer’”

“Poll: People as important as dogs”

“Benton commissioners form jazz trio”

“Ancient bones found at siteof new county seat in Kennewick”

“Gregoire opposes strengthening mathstandards; fears another ballot recount”

“Literate readers discovereditorial board can’t schpell”

“Blue bridge roundabout bulldozed”

“Osama bin Laden caughtby Afghan women; neutered”

“Surprising Seahawks win Super Bowl”

“TV talking heads fired;going back to reporting”

“Taylor Swift draws 65,000at Benton-Franklin Fair”

“Amtrak brings new service to Pasco”

“Obama to host Badger Clubat White House roast”