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Editorial Preview — June 17-23

It’s mid-June and the political season is officially under way. It’s not so much last week’s filing period for candidates that put us on notice as the flap over envelopes in Franklin County. The whole discussion of whether Auditor Zona Lenhart’s name ought to be printed on envelopes carrying mail-in ballots struck us as a partisan debate. But what does party affiliation have to do with the auditor’s job? Or treasurer? Or sheriff?

Other topics we’re looking at for the week ahead:

We know parents who won’t let their teens go to the mall alone. We’re not surprised the parents of a 16-year-old California girl sailing solo around the world are getting criticized. The episode is raising interesting questions about what we consider to be appropriate risks for youngsters.

West Richland is looking at moving its animal shelter for a cost of about $13,000, plus a $400 per month lease payment on the site. Benton County plans to spend about $700,000 on its shelter. Is it too late for Benton County to throw in with the city?

Charitable donations are down nationwide, which is to be expected during this prolonged recession. But volunteerism is up. What Americans can’t afford in cash, their making up for with their time. That’s an inspiring turn of events.

The first days of summer have already brought tragedy with a boy’s drowning in Finley. Let’s be safe this season.

That’s a short list this week. We welcome suggestions.