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Wash, don't rub volcanic ash from cars

The volcanic ash from Mount St. Helens should be washed off cars as soon as possible, car dealers and body and fender men said today.

Several people said rubbing the ash with a cloth could cause scratches to the finish and blowing it off won't get cars clean.

Dave Schwegel of ABC Industries, Richland, said "This stuff looks like crushed rock and you wash it off with a hose. Water, will neutralize any acid that's in it."

Bob Price of Price Countours Auto Body, Pasco, said "lots and lots of water will do it. Wash and rinse well and then rinse again."

John Gessel, Don's Auto Body, Kennewick, agreed, but said, "wait until the ash is through falling and then get it off right away."

Gary Fine of Russ Dean Ford, Pasco, said, "I don't know if it's the right thing to do, but we're using high pressure water and drying the cars and the dozen we've done so far look great."

However, everyone said that cars need to be serviced to clean the ash from the engines.