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Stranded travelers stay at church

The Red Cross emergency shelter in the Mormon Church on Union Street in Kennewick is home to a choir, 2 girl scouts and some bus passengers stranded in the Tri-Cities by the Mount St. Helens eruption.

Thirty-two persons spent the night at the church Monday,' according to church member Virginia Smithee. Some have been lodged with church families around Kennewick.

"There was a group that came in with 29 goats," Mrs. Smithee said. "They're at the fairgrounds now. The goats needed hay, and we found some for them, but it was moldy and we felt bad about that."

Keeping the goats company at the fairgrounds are 200 rabbits and a horse whose owners are stranded.

"We anticipate about 75 to 80 people here for lunch," Mrs. Smithee said. "Yesterday we were looking for hot dog rolls, but the stores were out because all the bread comes from Yakima. Fortunately the Red Cross has an account with Albertson's, who make their own bread.''

Wards Commons, a farmer and farm equipment dealer from Fresno, Calif., said he was anxious to get to Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.

"I'd have been one day quicker, but I had bearing trouble in a wheel," Commons said. "I have 550 acres of grain up there to look after and I have to move equipment out of a shed so a man can use it."

Commons said he was considering trying to get through or possibly taking a longer route around the ash to get to Canada.