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Mid-Columbia disaster aid totals millions of dollars

Only about 40 percent of the $950 million appropriated for Mount St. Helens disaster assistance has been allocated, but millions of dollars went to the Mld-Columbia.

Adams and Grant counties collected more than any other local government agencies, with Adams receiving $3.5 million and Grant $3.1 million.

Moses Lake collected $946,840 and the Port of Moses Lake was allocated $281,890.

Yakima received $1.18 million and Yakima County collected $380,351.

Franklin County received $373,500.

Ritzville was allocated $363,542.

Federal monies were distributed through a variety of federal agencies:

The Army Corps of Engineers has obligated $234 million, with more than the $215 million allocated.

The Small Business Administration spent $67.2 million of $430 million allocated.

The Federal Highway Administration used $14.7 million of $125 million.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency used $32 million of its $86 million.

U.S. Department of Agriculture agencies distributing monies included the Soil Conservation Service, spending $6.9 million of $23 million; the Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service at $3.3 million of $20 million and the U.S. Forest Service at $25 million, with an additional $41.6 million requested.

The federal General Accounting Office is going over federal books to try to find ways the federal government way deal with future disasters.