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The week's editorials: May 6-12

Topics we’re considering for editorials this week touch on some of the Mid-Columbia’s biggest issues — Hanford, agriculture, water and open spaces. Log on and comment.

Times Square terror attack — All right, this isn’t a Mid-Columbia issue, but every American shares in a sense of relief this week. We all know that if the latest terrorist attack hadn’t been such a dismal failure, we’d be sharing our grief. You don’t have to be a New Yorker to be thankful for the way things turned out. We’re writing this for Thursday.

Saving Amon Basin — Tapteal Greenway Association’s efforts to acquire another 119 acres of this unique landscape combine two of our favorite things — preserving open space and public-private partnerships.

More screening for former nuclear workers — Sen. Maria Cantwell’s efforts to increase funding for this medical program are welcomed. Cold War workers did their share for the nation and ought to be treated fairly.

Groups demand end to more rad waste — Mostly the usual suspects repeating long-held positions but they ought to re-examine the issue, depending on the details. Importing and treating some wastes at Hanford’s vit plant might be more environmentally sound than other alternatives.

Investors have a plan for north Richland — Let’s encourage the two west-sider developers looking to add restaurants and other amenities to the Tri-Cities Research Park. The partnership between Washington State University Tri-Cities and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory is a great foundation for growing high-tech jobs after Hanford, but a lot more help is needed.

Pasco’s water supply — The quad-city water rights were suppose to ensure water supplies would carry the Tri-Cities decades into the future. It’s not working, thanks to Pasco’s phenomenal growth spurt. The state needs to aggressive in fixing to prevent water shortages from stalling development.

Ice Harbor brewery nationally recognized — A recent comment on this blog argued for greater recognition for the region’s outstanding microbrews. We agree and apparently Draft magazine does too. The national magazine recently gave Ice Harbor’s Kolsch an exceptional rating.

Kiona-Benton High School’s vit program — Encouraging high school kids to study the art of growing wine grapes while discouraging them from sampling the end product of their labors is bit incongruous, we admit. On the other hand, Ki-Be is in the heart of one of America’s premier wine regions. (We’d argue that it’s the premiere region). This a natural precursor to college programs. Besides, when these students turn 21, red wines made from their grapes should be ready to drink.

Survey asks about new Columbia bridge — Our advice on this is simple — take the survey.