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Letter Best winners square off

The Herald’s editorial board celebrated Presidents Day with a breakfast for the past year’s Letter Best winners.

And you thought all they got was a commemorative coffee mug.

Editorial writer and board member Shelly Norman had the great idea a few years back to move our annual breakfast honoring letter writers to this national holiday.

We lose a few skiers who opt to spend the three-day weekend on the slopes, but we pick up a few younger writers who would otherwise be in school. That’s a good trade.

It’s not a formal affair. We set out some coffee, bagels and pastries. Every writer who attends gives a brief summary of his or her winning letter.

Members of this group have a track record of sharing their thoughts, and they stayed true to form. Lively sidebars — debates would probably be a more accurate description — broke out during breakfast.

Adversaries faced off over donuts on issues of nuclear energy, global warming and recycling. At least those are the discussions I overheard. No doubt a few more topics were raised.

As far as I could tell, participants thoroughly enjoyed the combination of breakfast sweets and arguments. One attendee even suggested we hold the event more than once a year.

Thanks to writers who showed up. You made it worth the effort to come early to work.

And thanks to all our letter writers. You produce one of the best read sections in this or any newspaper. Whether they agree with you our not, people are interested in what you have to say.

Join the conversation. E-mail your letter — 200 words or less — to Who knows? Maybe you’ll be defending it next Presidents Day.