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From Michael Jackson to Barack Obama — Letters cover it all

For the Herald’s opinion pages, these dog days of summer are also drought days for letters to the editor.

Maybe warm weather melts some of the resolve that motivates readers to press their point in a succinctly worded missive or maybe vacations take priority — regardless, the volume of letters tends to drop in mid-July.

That’s bad news for fans of our letters column, since we may be filling more of the available space with other items.

It’s good news for folks still writing letters, since they’ll see their words in print a lot quicker than usual.

But you better hurry since it’ll be a short-lived drought. The down cycle for letters has never lasted more a few days.

Readership surveys have shown Tri-City Herald letters to the editor to be one of our most popular features. We’re not suprised. For readers and writers alike, letters are a way to become better connected with our community.

Here’s some tips for writing an award-winning (Yes, we offer awards) letter:

Make a point.

Keep it short.

Use your wit, humor and insight — avoid clichés.

Don’t attack other writers. If you are responding to another letter, editorial or column stick to the facts, don’t make it personal.

Send letters to letters@tricity Include your name, street address and daytime phone number for verification, please.