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Mainstream Republicans put me on panel — I hope they're not sorry

The Mainstream Republicans invited me to be part of a media panel at their recent state meeting in Richland.

Most other panelists canceled for one reason or another, leaving me and former Tri-City Herald editorial page editor Kate Riley to represent the fourth estate.

TVW recorded the session for broadcast. Kate did a great job, but seeing myself on television confirms I made the right choice going into print journalism.

I had a good time. Thanks to the Mainstream Republicans for inviting me. Alex Hays, executive director for the organization, served as moderator for the discussion, and asked insightful and interesting questions, which helped.

I’m used to asking the questions, and the experience gave me a new appreciation for folks who willingly face the Herald’s editorial board.

I think you can still watch the session on TVW’s website.

But fair warning — It’s over an hour long. You’ll need to be a glutton for punishment to get through it all.