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D.C. road trip proves 'indescribable'

WASHINGTON — Dressed in glittery gowns and smart suits, members of C.A. Johnson High’s class of 1953 formed a circle in Duke Ellington’s restored home, held hands and celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. while they anticipated the inauguration today of a man many see as the fruit of his labor.

Lisa Williams, the daughter of a class of 1953 member, hosted a party for C.A. Johnson members Monday night at her home, which once belonged to music great Duke Ellington.

The party was an opportunity for class members to honor King and praise President-elect Barack Obama, whose inauguration today inspired their trip to the D.C. area.

"Obviously, the event tomorrow is historic in every sense of the word,” said J.C. Williams, Lisa Williams’ father and a class of ’53 member. “" know many of you thought this could never happen. Only a miracle could make all of this happen. Nobody could have written that script but God.”

As they have at various times during their trip to the D.C. area, class members laughed with one another, told old tales and looked forward to Obama’s inauguration.

Their party — already numbering more than 40 — grew by a few, as friends or family members met the group at different gatherings.

All day and during the party at the Duke Ellington house, class members were in a celebratory mood.

Inauguration Day, however, is expected to bring daunting challenges.

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