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Blast from Past: Two more critics of court-ordered deposition of Dino Rossi

A pair of respected voices have been added to Dino Rossi’s cries of foul regarding his deposition next week in a campaign fundraising case.

Former U.S. Attorney Mike McKay and Sen. Slade Gorton issued the following statement on Tuesday:

“The Court’s decision to require Dino Rossi to testify in a deposition less than one week before the election is outrageous. In any other case where, as here, a witness is not a party in the case, the court makes every effort to accommodate that witness’ schedule. Not in this case, though, where a group of partisan lawyers asked a King County judge to take an emergency deposition of Mr. Rossi involving a case in which he is not even a party.

“A judge should insure fairness for a candidate who is the victim of an obviously political lawsuit. Sadly, that is not the case here. Yesterday, a King County judge gave these political attorneys license to abuse the court system. Adding insult to injury, the judge stated that a deposition will allow Rossi to ‘confirm — or dispel — the allegations before the election.’ Any judge knows that a deposition taken by a hostile lawyer won’t prove the truth of anything. We have never seen a judge issue an order for immediate depositions in any other case of this nature.

“This isn’t law – this is partisan politics and it stinks. Requiring Dino Rossi to leave the campaign trail and be subjected to a partisan deposition in the last week of the campaign is wrong. Governor Gregoire should call off this unfair attack against Dino Rossi.”

Gorton and McKay are Republicans, but from the moderate wing of the party. They aren’t exactly objective bystanders, void of any partisanship. But they’ve earned a standing that will gain some attention for their comments.

The demand that Gregoire call off the attack seems a little unfair, since it’s not her lawsuit. But then Democrats have called on Rossi to end what they see as unfair attack ads from the Building Industry Association of Washington.

Seems like both sides want to pin the other side with any misdeeds of supporters. The problem is, the same finger-pointing candidates and their surrogates shirk responsibility for any ugly actions conducted independently on their behalf.

So much of the chest thumping over unfair practices is so transparently partisan that it’s a wonder anyone is still listening.

McKay’s and Gorton’s reputation as moderates may help their complaint get some attention.