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Obama leads 112-39 in newspaper endorsements

I’ll leave other bloggers to argue about whether news coverage is slanted toward Barack Obama, but when it comes to editorial board endorsements, there’s not much to argue about.

The trade publication Editor and Publisher is tracking presidential endorsements by American newspapers -- and as of Monday the tally was Obama 112 to McCain 39.

For comparison, the final tally in 2004 was John Kerry 213 over George Bush 205.

The magazine publishes a complete list and updates it regularly. Here’s the link.

Kate Riley, former Tri-City Herald editorial page editor, has been tracking gubernatorial endorsements -- along with other races -- for the Seattle Times, where she’s associate editorial page editor in charge of their online opinion pages.

Not surprisingly, there’s a clear east-west divide on the question of governor. So far, the Seattle Times and the Centralia Chronicle are the only papers on the wet side to endorse Dino Rossi. Seven others weighed in for Gov. Chris Gregoire.

On this side of the Cascades, the Spokesman-Review is the only newspaper endorsing the governor of the four that have announced their picks.

Here is a link to Riley’s blog on the topic.

Geography doesn't seem to play much of a role in the presidential picks. So far, just two Washington state newspapers have endorsed McCain -- The Spokesman-Review on this side, the Centralia Chronicle on the other.