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Those lying liars

Was John McCain a “Hanoi Hilton songbird” who collaborated with the enemy?

Is Barack Obama the antichrist?

Those are about the worst charges against either candidate I could find on the St. Petersburg Times’ truth-o-meter.

Clearly, Obama is getting the best lies.

If you have taste for the absurd, truth-o-meter’s a great place to explore. The site investigates political attacks against the presumptive nominees for the Democratic and Republican parties, and measures the veracity of their campaign statements, as well.

But fair warning: If you believe that e-mail Aunt Mildred forwarded — the one that says Obama thinks the national anthem should be “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing” — prepare to be challenged.

The site is useful even if you’re not naive enough to swallow every anonymous rumor that happens to validate your pre-existing opinions about the candidates.

In fact, some of the stuff going around about the McCain and Obama is true.

If you care about the difference, the truth-o-meter is worth a visit.