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ELECTION: Reed predicts 46 percent turnout for primary

Secretary of State Sam Reed is predicting a 46 percent turnout for the Aug. 19th “top two” primary, the state’s first.

That’s a mark that would be the state’s highest turnout in a presidential year since 1972, just barely eclipsing marks seen in 2004 and 1992.

Reed said he is mildly concerned about voters growing weary of using a third primary system in recent years but he is largely hearing that voters are relieved.

“Most voters are delighted we’re going to have a wide open primary again,” Reed said.

He said turnout won’t gauge voter support in the primary system and that it’ll be dictated by the level of interest in the primary contests on the local ballot.

“There are some good primaries out there, too, that are going to get people fired up,” he said.

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