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Resolving disputes

We’re renewing our friendship with the Benton Franklin Dispute Resolution Center this week.

The organization is our partner in an ongoing series of Community Conversations, providing a moderator who never fails to ensure a productive dialogue.

The latest, an exploration of Initiative 1000 — the right to die — is this week.

Over the past two years, we’ve held discussions on a variety of sensitive and divisive topics. Participants have almost universally found it enriching to talk about issues that matter with a group of motivated and engaged people.

The skill of the Dispute Resolution Center’s staff in guiding a civil discourse on hot-button topics has made an impression on the Herald’s editorial board.

In Wednesday’s editorial, we suggested that the United Way and Volunteer Center contact and seek mediation to resolve their problems. We’re recommending they contact the Dispute Resolution Center.

It’s good advice. We hope they take it.