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Obama or McCain?

We’re approaching the end of filing week for candidates seeking political office.

For editorial board members, that means it’s time to start gearing up to decide our recommendations to voters.

And with the lineup for president apparently in place, the editorial board has started to discuss ways to decide who we’ll support in November.

I know some readers will never believe it, but the issue is far from decided for the Herald’s editorial board. And no, we won’t be getting our orders from corporate headquarters or the national liberal media elite.

Over the next several months, we’ll hash it out issue by issue. Which candidate has the best energy policy? Which is the best candidate to bring lasting peace and stability to Iraq?

Here’s where you come in. We’d like to hear what issues are most on the minds of Mid-Columbia residents. Not just in the presedential race, but statetwide and local races, too.

Tell us what we ought to be asking the candidates before we make our recommendations. You can reach me via e-mail at

Or use the comment function below. Either way, help us weigh the candidates by measures important to you.