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Readers respond to Areva decision

We’re starting to see a flood of letters regarding Areva’s decision to locate its uranium enrichment plant in Idaho instead of Richland.

Since we try to publish letters in roughly the order they’re received, you won’t see any of them before Sunday. But rest assured, anger at Gov. Chris Gregoire is a common theme.

Here's a sample from Debbie Trevino of Richland:

"I find it comical that when Governor Christine Gregoire was asked if she could have done more to support Areva building a new uranium enrichment plant in Richland, she immediately responded by saying critics were simply playing politics.

"One just has to look at the facts, no politics involved, to see that Gregoire offered less than unenthusiastic support for this facility."

And that's some of the mild stuff.

The Herald editorial board’s take on the loss of this $2 billion project is also planned for Sunday.