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Let's hear it

Wednesday’s Voices page features a Mid-Columbia Voices column by Jim McCabe, arguing that Dino Rossi’s transportation plan would be a bad deal for Eastern Washington.

Rossi has a lot of Tri-City supporters and I expect to hear from them. I’m looking forward to publishing some responses to McCabe’s opinion.

One of our goals on the Herald’s opinion pages this year is to publish more letters and columns from local contributors. We think readers are as interested in the opinions of Mid-Columbia residents — whether they agree with them or not — as they are in the ruminations of nationally syndicated columnists.

That’s not just a guess. Letters to the editor have always been one of the Herald’s best-read sections. The letters posted on the web consistently rank near the top of your online favorites, too.

It’s the reason we decided make readers’ comments the centerpiece of our Sunday opinion section — Tri-City Forum.

And it’s the reason we’ll soon be launching a new feature that let’s readers call in and record comments that we’ll post on our website.

Expect to see more opinions — letters, columns and the recorded word — from readers this year. And by all means, join in.