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Fungo with Greg Nickels

Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels recently lobbed a softball to Eastern Washington’s editorial writers.

The Emerald City’s leader had floated the idea of forming an independent state, where the lack of power rural Republicans are experiencing in Olympia would be complete.

Our editorial board took a swing, but it feels a little like batting practice. Everyone lined up to belt it out of here.

“What’s grown in Eastern Washington drives the state’s economy far more than the arrogance that’s cultivated in the Seattle area,” The Walla Walla Union Bulletin opined.

The Yakima Herald Republic suggest Nickels eat lattes until the new state of Pugetopolis signs a trade agreement with Eastern Washington.

The Spokane Spokesman-Review pointed out that Nickels once declared, “We can eradicate the ‘Cascade divide’ and nurture instead ‘One Washington.’” But that was 2002. Times change.

Anyway, if this is batting practice, we’re happy to be on the farm team.