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Yakima, Kennewick car thieves in Accord; Hondas are hot

Last week we reported Honda Accords were way hot in Kennewick, with three of them stolen within three hours. But Kennewick car thieves are slackers, it appears.

Yakima has real pros. Tri-City Herald cops reporter Paula Horton, ever alert for a crime trend, reported last week tht nine Accords were stolen within 24 hours in our sister city.

Yakima police, also ever alert for a trend, reported a total of 11 Accords had been stolen over a two-week period.

One of the busy boys who appears to be responsible has been taken out of circulation. Yakima's finest busted a 25-year-old and found a lot of Honda parts after his arrest.

But the thieves barely took a breather. Two more Accords, also of early to mid-1990s vintage, disappeared after he was jailed.

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