Mr. Movie

'Hey Hey it's Esther Blueburger' an Aussie indie treat

The best film so far of Carmike Cinema’s Independent Film Series is this wonderful 2008 coming of age flick from Australia.

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It stars Danielle Catanzariti as Esther Blueburger, a young Jewish girl desperately trying to find her way through a regimented existence. Esther sees everything at her swank girls school and at home as symmetrical.

She — on the other hand — is not close to balanced and doesn’t seem to fit anywhere.

And when Esther finally finds a fit even the fit isn’t much of a fit.

This is a must-not-miss, charming, delightful and wonderfully funny and very human exploration of teenage girls, adolescence and the challenges presented to us — especially as teens — when we are who we are.

Keisha Castle-Hughes (Whale Rider) and Tony Collette also star and are the two name actors you’ll recognize.

Do catch Hey Hey it’s Esther Blueburger. Writer/director Cathy Randall continues the Land Down Under tradition of quirky characters and the witty, tongue-in-cheek writing and directing style of Baz Lurhmann, Fred Schepisi and Chris Noonan.

Not familiar? Actually you are. Look them up and then head for Carmike Cinemas. It’s the best $5 you spent on a movie in a long time.

Mr. Movie rating: 4 stars

Rated PG-13 for mature themes. It opens Tuesday, April 20 at the Carmike 12. Contact theater for all dates and showtimes.

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