Mr. Movie

Do you care about a Michael Jackson movie?

This is a classic case of strike while the iron is hot.

The family of icon Michael Jackson has approved the production and release of a new movie based on the last days of his life. It is called This is It.

The film will be released in October, and the focus is hours of rehearsal Jackson was doing for planned comeback tour. Comments on his life and talent from many of his friends and celebrities will be spliced into the footage. Some of the footage will be in 3-D.

Now, there's a scary thought: Michael Jackson in 3-D. A close-up could cause nightmares for younger viewers. But I'm being unkind.

I worked on-air in top-40 radio when Jackson was really hot. No doubt he was a major talent. You cannot find a song that gets the toes tapping faster than what I think was his best effort Billy Jean.

But like many who are hounded by an insatiable media, Jackson was forced into hiding and outside of his ever-evolving face, we didn't see much of the weirdness that began to surface toward the end of his life.

I guess my big question is do we really care about a Michael Jackson movie?

Will people brave huge crowds, high box office prices and even higher concession prices to watch grainy footage of Jackson's comeback attempt?