Mr. Movie

Will there ever be 10 Oscar-caliber movies?

The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences is adding five more films to their best picture list for next year's Academy Awards.

I keep thinking, were there really 10 Oscar-caliber movies last year? I did a top-10 list at the end of the year. Here they are and what I wrote about them:

1. Wall-E: The year’s best movie, the year’s best love story and the year’s deepest characters. I love this movie.

2. Young @ Heart: People whose ages average over 80 sing rock and roll like you’ve never heard it sung. I laughed. I cried.

3. Slumdog Millionaire: Original, intense, fascinating with a dead-on moral. Danny Boyle — please make more movies.

4. The Wrestler: Fascinating character study of the downside of fame anchored by a stunning performance from Mickey Rourke.

5. Frost/Nixon: I saw the not-so-memorable TV interviews. You will remember the movie because Frank Langella makes you almost like ex-president Richard Nixon.

Slumdog got all the notice and the awards. I still would have picked Wall-E. It won best animated feature.

The others were:

Revolutionary Road, Doubt, Iron Man, Milk and The Dark Knight.

And outside of the first four, none of these really rang my bell. At least they didn't ring it enough to think there ought to be a 10-film category.

I think the Academy would do better to set up a format similar to the Golden Globes. Best comedy, best drama, best actor, actress, and supporting performances in those two categories. And then one pick as overall best of everything. The movie of all movies.

What do you think?

Or do you even care?

Do you watch the Academy Awards or the Golden Globes?