Mr. Movie

Something Different this Week at Regal and Carmike

Carmike Cinemas and Regal's Columbia Mall 8 are stretching outside normal movie fare. Regal has been doing Thursday night flashbacks that have included such great films as Top Gun, Dirty Dancing, Back to the Future, Scarface, and my personal favorite, Pulp Fiction.

This week Regal's Thursday night feature is Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, to date, the third best of the four in the series. Like all but the original, this one is convoluted and tries too hard to be as natural as the first.

But it does have something the other three don't--Sean Connery who is the only possible and believable choice as Indiana Jones' father.

You'll have a great time seeing Jones and daddy battle Nazis and search for the Holy Grail on the big screen in this overly-hyper, overly produced Steven Spielberg classic.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade plays Thursday night at 7:45 p.m. at Regal's Columbia Center 8.

Next week Regal has a real treat--a big-screen view of what many consider the greatest love story of all-time Casablanca.

At Carmike this week is another in a series of films so obscure you can't even find them to rent on DVD at your local video store. These are films so scarce--and sometimes so bad--that they're not good enough to go straight to video anyway.

That's the case of Bad for Business, a clever tale about Jerry Magillicutty, a guy hired to help women mend their broken hearts. His method is original. It's not stalking in a classic sense. He pretends to be a clueless moron who sees more in one date than is really there.

Turned off and angry, the women quickly forget their ex to focus on how to get rid of Jerry. What is bad for business is falling for the women you're supposed to cure. That is what happens to Jerry. And the twist is how it happens.

Much of this film--like the music and the storyline--is original and clever. The execution is a bit iffy. But if you're totally bored, the crew at Carmike tell me getting into the film is less that a ticket for a regular film.

Bad for Business plays daily at 2:00 through Thursday and again on Saturday. It is not playing on Friday or on Sunday.

Next week's film is Altered Courses, a movie I didn't get to preview that will likely be just as badly good as Bad for Business. It plays daily at 1:00 p.m. starting Monday and doesn't play on Friday or Sunday.