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The Razzie nominations are out

My question today -- which movie did you see in 2008 that you thought was the worst?

Here’s what prompted the question. The Razzie nominations are out.

For the uninitiated, they are awards for the worst films and acting of the year. John Wilson, founder of the annual Golden Raspberry Awards, has dredged up some doozies.

They are traditionally announced the day before the Oscar nominations and the winners are revealed the day before the Academy Award ceremony. This year, it is Feb. 21. The Oscars are awarded Feb. 22.

Love Guru the Mike Myers spoofy flop got seven nominations to lead the pack. Wilson says people are just plain tired of Myers. I know I am, and Love Guru made my worst list for 2008.

Here are the others:

Disaster Movie -- which they didn’t screen for critics.

Meet the Spartans which they also didn't screen.

The Happening, the M. Night Shyamalan film that wasn’t a happening.

Hottie the NottieParis Hilton's not-really-released-anywhere movie wasn't screened, and I wouldn't have wasted time on it if they did and...

In the Name of the King which they also didn’t screen.

For Worst acting

Mike Myers for you know what.

Verne Troyer & Ben Kingsley for Love Guru.

Al Pacino for two awful performances in 88 Minutes, a movie that should have been shorter than 88 minutes and that made my worst list, and for Righteous Kill that was nearly as bad.

Eddie Murphy got two for Meet Dave because he played two characters.

Mark Wahlberg who -- we agree -- apparently forgot how to act in The Happening and though he wasn’t as bad, the movie was, another one for Max Payne.

Larry the Cable Guy got one for Witless -- er -- Witness Protection, a movie they didn’t screen -- thankfully -- and I didn’t see.

For Worst Actress:

Cameron Diaz got picked for What Happens in Vegas, a film that should have remembered the next part of the line -- stays in Vegas.

Annette Bening, Eva Mendes, Debra Messing, Jada Pinkett Smith and Meg Ryan all shared a worst-actress nomination for The Women, a movie so bad that I completely forgot about it or it would have been on my worst list last year.

Jessica Alba in Love Guru.

Kate Hudson for Fool’s Gold one of a series of awful movies she’s made lately.

To refresh your memory, these are the films I picked as the worst last year.

1. Synechode, NY: This one didn’t make it to the Tri-Cities. Pray that it doesn’t. Charlie Kaufman’s script Adaptation turned into a great movie about a book that couldn’t be adapted into a movie. This is an incoherent mess of a movie about a movie that couldn’t be adapted into a movie.

2. You Don’t Mess with the Zohan: Redefines disgusting. Even for Adam Sandler the bad taste hits an all-time low.

3. Star Wars: The Clone Wars: An animated concept so boring that a kid in the row behind me kept asking mom and dad if he could go bye-bye. The Force has, indeed, left George Lucas.

4. Speed Racer: Spiffy, other-worldly effects and colors that probably haven’t been invented yet dominate this overly long, plotless, pointless piece of crap from the Wachowski brothers (The Matrix).

5. 88 Minutes: A 108-minute Al Pacino star vehicle that is 88 minutes too long.

6. Love Guru: Finally. Proof that outside of Austin Powers and voicing Shrek, Mike Myers isn’t funny. Not even close.

7. Seven Pounds: Seven pounds of what? My answer is as unprintable as this Will Smith star vehicle was unintelligible.

8. Nim’s Island: Jodie Foster hammered a final nail in her dying career. Child star Abigail Breslin didn’t help hers. Someone on Nimwit Island produced this one.

9. tie Fly Me to the Moon 3-D and Journey to the Center of the Earth 3-D: Brilliant effects, brain death for a plot.

Fly was made for children and has dialogue and a storyline with all the class of a play for second graders. Journey is a remake that completely destroys one of one of the best sci-fi concepts of all time.

10. Tie Made of Honor and Nights in Rodanthe: Padded plots, cardboard characters and paint-by-numbers romance. What’s not to not like?

Dishonorable mention: 10,000 B.C., Hancock, The Happening, The Spirit, Step Brothers, Wanted, Twilight.

What are your picks for the worst movie of 2008?

Next, we’ll look at my pick for the best flicks of the year and a peek at the Oscar nominations.