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How do you pronounce these names?

We see these names all the time, but how the heck to you pronounce them?

Here's an example. Arnold Schwarzenegger. He was on one of those late-night talk shows a few years before becoming the "Governator of California" and told the host how to say his name.


What got me thinking about this is The Happening, a new film from M. Night Shyamalan.

I've heard a dozen ways to pronounce his name. So I thought you, my loyal readers, could get together with me and compile a list of difficult names. I'll do the research and find out how to pronounce them and publish a phonetic spelling.

Here's my short list:

M. Night Shyamalan

Martin Scorsese

Charlize Theron. She's in Hancock and won an Oscar for Monster.Both of her names can be mispronounced.

You can't say the same for Scarlett Johansson. How do you say her last name?

Then there's Woody Allen favorite Diane Wiest.

Or how about one of my favorite character actors Steve Buscemi?

Another is Ciaran Hinds, the great Irish character actor last seen in Stop-Loss.

The great character actor and writer/director John Sayles favorite David Strathairn. Hint, he was the bad guy in the last Bourne movie.

My favorite unpronounceable name: Chiwetel Elijofor the great character actor from Redbelt, American Gangster, Talk to Me, Children of Men Inside Man, and Kinky Boots.

What's on your list?

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