Mr. Movie

Mailbag: Reader makes prediction about "Rambo"

Duane from Richland writes his 2008 movie predictions:

1 -- There won't be a greater small-arms body count in any 2008 movie than the body count in "Rambo."

2 -- There won't be a movie with a longer credit list than "Rambo."

3 -- There won't be an American-produced movie listing more credited individuals, with names unpronounceable to the Western tongue, than those credited for the making of "Rambo."

4 -- "Rambo" will be on my list of the worst movies of 2008.

Gary's response

You actually saw "Rambo?" The studios didn't screen the film so I didn't see it. I thought about seeing it on Saturday, but I just couldn't make myself part with the nine or so bucks it would take to see the movie. Isn't that about what they charge now at the box office? It has been a couple of years since I paid for a movie.

The body count comment is funny. Last year, the film was "Shoot 'em Up." In the first half hour I lost count of the body count, which eventually hit triple digits. Bullets fly everywhere and everyone dies but the hero.

Duane's reply:

I really like "First Blood" and Rambo II and III are not necessarily good movies, but I was entertained watching both. I thought maybe there was an outside chance. I am a believer in the benevolent movie universe. Every time I watch a movie, I believe it will be the best movie I've ever seen. It's like going fishing or, if you remember when you were single, asking a girl out on a date. You have to believe.

Gary's reply:

"First Blood" was good. I can actually tolerate Stallone under three circumstances. One: he doesn't talk, two: he's in an animated movie like "Antz" or the "Spy Kids 3-D" flick and three, when he's Rocky Balboa and not boxing. Rocky is such a charming and loveable goof. The last "Rocky" flick broke my heart. He's pitch perfect in the movie and then presto, Rocky's fighting someone 25 years younger and holding his own. Dumb movie idea. The has-been-thing worked though.

And I envy you your optimism. Though I love movies, and I really do love movies, most I go to -- which is two to six a week -- I know are going to tank. I'm thrilled when I see one should tank but blows me away like "27 Dresses."