Mr. Movie

Mailbag: Reader lists "Gone Baby Gone" as No. 1

Kevin from Kennewick writes:

Mr. Movie, I was going to respond to your list of the best andworst films of 2007 at the beginning of the year, but I didn'tget around to it. I have compiled my lists and here they are.

Best of 2007

1. Gone Baby Gone - this cop thriller caught me by surprise. Iwas hooked from the beginning. Ben Affleck does a great jobdirecting, while the performances from Casey Affleck, Ed Harris,Morgan Freeman, and especially Amy Ryan. I hope Amy Ryan winsbest supporting actress at the oscars;she deserves it. The endingis one to be talked about.

2. The Lookout - this was #1 until I saw GBG, I loved the storyand when it came to dvd i recommended it to everybody since itwasn't in the tri-cities a long time. Joseph Gordon Levitt andJeff Daniels were both very good. It was just an original piece ienjoyed.

3. Zodiac - David Fincher is one hell of a director and this wasa great story. It was long, but i didn't notice the 2 1/2 hourrunning time at all. I was so much into the story I didn't care.Robert Downey Jr. gave a nice supporting role in the movie.

4. Sweeney Todd - I know you didn't like this movie at all, butthat's the best part, everyone to their own opinion. Johnny Deppgives another great performance as Sweeney and the supportingcast was just as good. It was a bloody musical that I reallyenjoyed, plus Tim Burton is a mad genius and I love his movies.

5. 3:10 to Yuma - the western is back and I enjoyed every minuteof it. Russell Crowe and Christian Bale were both very good, nota lot of action, but great dialogue that kept my attention. BenFoster was awesome as Crowe's 2nd in command.

6. American Gangster - Russell Crowe and Denzel Washington, needI say more. Both give strong performances and it was just anentertaining movie from beginning to end. The supporting cast wasgood as well including Josh Brolin. Watching Crowe and Washingtonat the end of the movie was worth the price of admission.

7. The Mist - a monster movie that surprised. I enjoyed King'sadaption earlier in the year with 1408, but this movie kept me onmy toes from the beginning. Thomas Jane was good as was MarciaGay Harden. I actually enjoyed the ending a lot and that endingwon me over and earned a spot on this list.

8. Eastern Promises - a movie I said that had a quiet brillanceabout it. Viggo Mortensen was really good as a Russian mobsterand Armin Mueller-Stahl almost stole the movie. An interestingstory and Cronenberg continues to do great work especially afterA History of Violence.

9. Away from Her - i had no intention of watching it, but I satdown and was completely moved by the story. Julie Christie wasamazing and I hope she wins the oscar for best actress becauseshe gave the best performance of the year. The scene where herhusband visits her for the first time after putting her in thehome was extremely heartbreaking with the look on his face whenshe has no idea who he is.

10. Knocked Up - I enjoyed this sex comedy from comedic geniusJudd Apatow. I know you didn't like it, but I really enjoyed it.Most people enjoyed Superbad more, but I really liked this moviemore. Seth Rogen was so funny and Paul Rudd continues his work asa great supporting character. A funny movie with a lot of heart.

Worst of 2007

1. The Brothers Solomon - i was the only person in the theaterwhen i saw it and for good reason, it wasn't funny at all.complete waste of money and talent on the screen.

2. Bug - the ending was dumb as was the rest of the movie. AshleyJudd deserves better.

3. Norbit - completely unfunny the entire time. Eddie Murphy wasso good in Dreamgirls and then did this garbage. Waste of talent.

4. Ghost Rider - Nicolas Cage was made some bad movies: Next, TheWicker Man, Nationalk Treasure 2 and this comic book piece ofcrap. I like Cage and comic book movies, but this was not a goodchoice, he did it for the money.

5. Blood and Chocolate - Romeo and Juliet with werewolves. badmovie with bad acting with bad title.

6. Epic Movie - date movie was garbage and so was this. its noteven a parody, they are only copying scenes and not even tryingto be funny.

7. The Comebacks - again, i was the only person in the theaterwhen i saw this parody. David Koechner can be funny in supportingroles, but this movie was just baaaaaaadddddddddddd.

8. Primeval - a monster movie w/o a monster. I take that back,the crocodile is in the movie, but he is not the central is based on a "true story". i wanted monster movie and thiswasnt it

9. Code Name: The Cleaner - Lucy Liu fire your agent, Cedric theEntertainer can be funny, but this was a bad attempt at a movieor even a story.

10. WAR - big disappointment, i like Jason Statham and Jet Li,but this movie sucked just like their previous movie "The One"and the ending was horrible.

I even had some guilty pleasures: Underdog Alvin and theChipmunks Transformers Shoot Em' Up

Big Disappointments: 300, No Country for Old Men

Big Surprises: Enchanted, Hairspray, Stardust, Across the Universe

-- Kevin from Kennewick

Mr. Movie writes


You put a lot of thought into your list. Excellent analysis. Idid notice, however, that most of your favorites were moreaction-oriented than cerebral though I think 3:10 does fit thecerebral category.

You also mentioned Away From Her. Wow. Great movie. No one saw itbut it blew me away. Julie Christie is getting all the notice andthe nominations... and she's who I'd give the Oscar to, at leastat this point... but where is Gordon Pinsent, who played herhusband. Without him, her performance is nothing. By the way,Gordon has an incredible voice and does a lot of books on tape.Or what they used to call books on tape. Now they're books on CD.

I loved The Lookout and it almost made my best of list. It was myguilty pleasure movie of the year.

The Mist? Top 10? A movie so bad I wish I'd "Mist" it.

I also loved American Gangster especially in the all-too-fewscenes with Denzel and Russell Crowe. Wow. Great stuff.

I saw just a few on your worst list. Most of them weren'tscreened and if the studios don't screen them, I rarely see them.One of your worst I did like. Bug. Ugly movie but for the mostpart it worked. It played like an on-stage play. Creepy.

I do agree with you on Norbit. Somebody should ban Eddie Murphyfrom doing anything involving people of sizeable girth and AdamSandler from doing fart jokes. He's 40, farts should have stoppedbeing funny at 15.

Anybody else have a best of list from last year?