Mr. Movie

Mailbag: Reader ranks "The Lives of Others" as year's best

Duane from Richland writes:

Duane's top 10 for 2007

1 -- The Lives of Others. I looked back at my top 10 ten lists over the last 10 years. I don't see a better movie than TLOO. This movie has the best ending of any movie I've ever seen.

2 -- Hairspray. Fun movie, well done. Dance scene with Travolta and Walken is one of the best movie moments of 2007.

3 -- Eastern Promises. I didn't see the twist coming in this one; good action and suspense. Best and most gruesome fight scene in a movie in a long time.

4 -- Charlie Wilson's War. Other than The Lives of Others, CWW has the best screenplay of 2007. Sorkin's best work since the first season of West Wing. Hoffman's acting deserves an Oscar.

5 -- Stardust. Some of the best characters in a movie for 2007: a star that's really a beautiful girl, the dead sons of a dead king, witches, a transvestite pirate, and a hero -- What more could a movie lover ask for?

6 -- The Lookout. A new twist on robbing a bank.

7 -- Juno. A sweet funny movie about a pregnant high school girl. Very clever dialogue, good acting. 8 -- American Gangster. Synchronic biopics about a cop and a drug dealer. Good acting and I liked the way the director used Vietnam war news from the TV as way of marking the timeline.

9 -- Live Free or Die Hard. Best action of 2007. Bruce Willis at his best. Timothy Olyphant made a good villain.

10 -- Lars and the Real Girl. It was real close among LATRG, Waitress, and Underdog (my favorite children's movie of 2007) but LATRG was the most original.

Other 2007 movies worth seeing -- 300, Grindhouse, Fracture, Girl's Rock, Ratatouille, Bourne Ultimatum, Sunshine, Becoming Jane, Superbad, The Kingdom, Enchanted

Bottom 10 (Worst first)

3:10 to Yuma -- TTTY is anti-hero, anti-bravery, anti-romantic; a real thematic mess of movie. I really hated it.

Short Bus -- I only watched 5 or 10 minutes; SB is disgusting

Hot Rod -- not one funny scene

Transformers -- buy the toys and make up your own story

Shoot 'em Up -- 86 minute anti-gun ad

Surf's Up -- Worst children's cartoon of the year (a Massachusetts soccer mom kinda story)

Alpha Dog -- no action or mystery

The Hitcher -- bad slasher flick

Catch and Release -- no romance, no comedy; that's bad for a romantic comedy

The Shooter -- Sorry Rosie, I talked her into going to see this one

Other 2007 movies worth avoiding -- Nancy Drew, Once, The Game Plan, No Country for Old Men, I Am Legend, Sweeny Todd, Atonement

Movies I haven't seen that I wanted to see before I made my list -- Kite Runner, There Will Be Blood, I'm Not Here, Across the Universe.

Mr. Movie writes:

I enjoyed your top-10 best and worst list and noticed that some of my best are on your worst. Two things stand out.

The Lookout making your top-10 best. It came close to mine and is a slick little thriller that blew my mind. It's done by Scott Frank who wrote Get Shorty and a number of great screenplays. His first trip behind the camera as a director is terrific and like Michael Clayton's Tony Gilroy, I hope he gets more chances.

Hairspray and Stardustwere real surprises. Stardust came close and I think it's about the most fun I had last year at a movie outside of Enchanted and Hairspray.

I totally disagree about Live Free, Die Hard and Lars and the Real Girl. Good movies but not that good, though Lars is fairly original.

Your comment about Transformers cracked me up. Buy the toys and make up your own story.

And you should see Once again. Great movie. Still my best of the year.

Readers: Do you have lists? Agree with Duane? Agree with me? Send 'em.