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Do you care about Sex in the City?

What I love most about a blog is having a place to vent.

The topic of this rant is "Sex and the City." The TV series is one of the most popular of all-time. Fans are positively possessed, and many were dispossessed when the series left HBO after six glorious years.

The four perfectly coifed babes in designer clothes with skin-deep personalities don't have much to talk about other than men, sex, clothes and shoes — so I don't get the attraction.

Critics were forced to attend a promotional screening. A screening for critics means we go to a small theater and catch the movie in relative comfort. There are 100 seats for 15 critics. A promotional screening includes fans who stand in line for several hours for the privilege of seeing a movie a few days before the official opening.

Usually those screenings are packed and very noisy because the crowd is quite excited. The group that caught "Sex in the City" was electrified. They could not wait to get in the door, fight for the best seats and see their all-time favorite characters on a screen that makes them bigger than life.

In the case of "Sex and the City," they stood in line most of the day. Their reward is the topic of this entry. Before the 7:30 p.m. start, the studio showed a bunch of features about the movie including "Fashion and the City" and "Fans and the City."

Then at 7:30 they showed a 30-minute feature in which the film's stars, the writer/director, the costume designer and various dignitaries walked the pink carpet. Not a red carpet. A pink carpet.

Like I care.

On and on it went. All those perfect hairdos. The dozens of perfectly lined, pearly white teeth were nearly as blinding as the hundreds of non-stop flashbulbs that went off and off and off. To say the least it was a bit much.

But I'm not a fan of the TV show. I didn't see any of the episodes that ran from 1998 to 2004, nor have I seen any of the much-edited reruns on mainstream network TV or any of the programs now that they're out on DVD. So the red — I mean — PINK carpet treatment was too much.

It might not be too much for you.

You're not going to see the features or the half-hour before the movie pink carpet walk. Is that something you'd want to see? Do you feel deprived knowing they're out there, and the producers didn't let you see them, too?

Or are you like me — already tired of the whole thing and the movie hasn't even officially opened yet.