Mr. Movie

Mailbag: Movie Picks

Austin from Kennewick writes:

(Sorry I'm late but:) My pick for best film of 2007 is Persepolis.

The most artistic and inventive of 2007 with powerful messages about identity, family and fanatacism is graced with tones of satire, rock 'n' roll and anarchism. The bold black-and-white animation is unlike anything I've ever seen. Beautiful and deeply affecting. Even beat The Diving Bell and the Butterfly and La Vie En Rose for the Academy Awards submission from France.

Other ones I liked (in order):

2. In the Valley of Elah. One of the most powerful anti-war messages ever put to celluloid and the best film depicting PTSD so far.

3. The Lives of Others. A spy thriller? A political thriller? Without violence? The most accessable film of the year? How refreshing.

4. Ratatoullie. Kind of long for an animated movie, but fun and leaves you feeling good. Could it be the best comedy of 2007?

5. Michael Clayton. Another thriller with great acting from an able cast and better than John Grisham. Minimal violence as well.

6. No Country for Old Men. Complain about the ending, but it catches you off guard, just like it's supposed to. It is perfect.

7. There Will Be Blood. Perfect as well. An excellent satire on greed, ego and insanity. Think Citizen Kane meets Raging Bull, then shoot it like a western.

Those are the only ones I saw that I thought were good (except The Bourne Ultimatum). Sweeney Todd was good as well, but it was quite hollow (I know you didn't like it). I don't get to the theaters often so I got these on DVD. I am planning to see Once.

Mr. Movie writes:

Excellent list. Many of those you named made my top 10. I, too, liked "In the Valley of Elah" but it didn't make my top 10 list.