Mr. Movie

Mailbag: I see the Designer

Whoa Gary,

I did not mean to imply there is no Designer. Rather that inserting God into science whenever something is unknown is bad theology and bad science. Later, if a natural explanation is found, do we diminish God as a consequence? Hardly, but the ID folk are willing to take that chance. As I said, not good theology.

What prompted me to write you in the first place is your obvious willingness to think rather than to simply consult a static belief system. Likewise with good scientists and good theologians.

BTW: Over 40% of all scientists believe in a PERSONAL God [did not mean to shout but my email program won't let me use italics] and, combined with scientists who hold a deist point of view, MOST scientists believe in a God.

I apologize for giving you the wrong impression in my first email and thank you very much for responding.


David Almandsmith

National Center for Science Education

Oakland, Calif.

Mr. Movie writes:


Thank you for writing me back. I appreciate the clarification and do apologize if it seemed like I was getting into your face. I was not. I have received a lot of comment, at least for this kind of subject, on my blog and I keep hearing the bad science argument. I guess it's starting to get to me.

Thank you for complimenting on my thought processes on this topic. I worked as a reporter in the old days when a reporter did who, what, where, when and why. That is how I approach the investigation of the controversial. I have certain beliefs about the creation of the universe and when I learn something that doesn't 'fit' my point of view but that rings of truth, then the point of view changes. That is the only way to truly gain knowledge.

This has been a really interesting exercise but I think it's time for me to move to something less controversial. The only other discussion of this type came when I reviewed Michael Moore's 'Sicko.' The liberals accused me of being a conservative and the conservatives accused me of being too liberal. I'm really neither but did question the wisdom of turning health care over to the same people who gave us the failed Iraq war, a $9.5 trillion dollar federal deficit, a failed medicare, medicaid and welfare system, a broke social security system, a broken education system, etc. etc. etc.

To have that point of view alienates you from everyone I guess.

Thanks again for writing.

I'm curious. What made you come to this website to read my thoughts and those of my readers? There are more, by the way, the blog editor hasn't posted them yet. I hope he gets around to it in the next day or so. I think he's been out of the office.