Mr. Movie

Mailbag: Expelled debate offers another theory

Brenda from West Hills, Calif., writes:

Mr. Movie (Dear Gary Wolcott):

I read you offer to debate the movie, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed with pleasure.

I have been debating the issue of creation vs evolution non-stop for over 13 years, but not on one side or the other. I have been debating the issue by introducing a third stance.

The third stance has been ignored by the media, which causes me to ponder your statement that: “not all media is closed-minded to the topic of evolution vs intelligent design.” How can you explain the unwillingness and uncooperativeness of the media in regards to my work, which can be found at ?

While I certainly can appreciate the scientist’s reluctance to engage outsiders in debates that would compromise the efforts they are making to collect and categorize facts, I do not similarly understand the efforts made by the media in refusing to honor and represent views which are not included currently in either of the two sides in this debate.

Certainly an appreciation can be found for the efforts of scientists to operate within their realm without admitting interference from less qualified researchers. Warding off anyone with an alternative agenda to training scientists is similar to raising an army for national security purposes.

Let me ask you seriously though and with emphasis, “Why does the media refuse to permit research such as my own involving a girasas kingdom of nature and a plan of evolution that was published long ago and virtually sits on a shelf collecting dust from being openly expounded?”

Isn’t it the role of the media to introduce evidence from outside sources? Why have newspapers and news shows neglected this duty?



Mr. Movie writes: Brenda:

The media, like science, is pretty much open to facts and hard evidence.

Evidence is a strange beast. For some, a bunch of circumstantial evidence is plenty to emphatically say something is no longer theory but now truth. Others won't believe anything unless they can see or touch it.

I have fielded several emails and the comments of a bunch of people on this issue. Here's the problem. I am not a scientist, and though I have studied this issue at length off and on over the years and have my beliefs and believe. I can hold my own in a conversation about such controversial issues.

I am just a movie critic, though. The purpose of the review was to point out that I believe Ben Stein is correct. The nation's intellectual elite have become thought police who beat down opposing and controversial points of view. We are no longer an open-minded society. Fear forces us to abide by intellectual concepts, social protocols, religious philosophy, and a bunch of other topics when we don't necessarily agree.

Perhaps this is what has happened to you.

I cannot explain what you claim is the unwillingness of the media to examine your work. I don't know a great deal about your theory or what kind of proof you have for its truths and I did not have time to do a deep study of the link you provided. I have run into similiar philosophies a couple of times in the past.

Truthfully, though I understand what you are trying to say, it's a bit out there for me and a bit outside the mainstream -- which is probably why you have so much difficulty getting media or science to pay attention.

That said, we are now way outside my comfort zone.

Thanks for writing.