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'Arid Lands' beats Paris Hilton to Carmike

In the mildly surprising news department, Arid Lands, GrantAaker and Josh Wallaert's documentary about the Tri-Cities, itshistory, and its present issues, is opening at Carmike this weekend.

This is surprising not because it doesn't deserve it--I thought it waspretty great, in fact (my review can be found here)--butbecause I'm so used to the Tri-Cities being ignored by everywhere elseon Earth that it's a shock to hear the area get talked about anywhere,including inside the actual Tri-Cities.

My understanding is it's one of those things where it'll play for aslong as it's doing well, so it's probably best to catch it quickerrather than later.

Lord knows they'll need room for that new Paris Hilton movie soon.