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Acclaimed alt-pop band the Posies on journey with new album

The Posies new album doesn’t sound like its last one.

Or the one before that. Or the one before that.

And that’s a good thing, said Ken Stringfellow, who founded the acclaimed alt-pop band with Jon Auer.

“We’re on a journey,” he said. “For some people, their best years were high school and they always want to go back to that...But I don’t want to have my growth stunted and spend time in the past. I hope people realize we’re on a developmental journey and have been since Day 1.”

The Posies’ new album, Solid States, is out now on MyMusicEmpire.

It’s a departure from previous work in that it’s less guitar-based and instead has an “expanded sonic palette, drawing upon an imaginative array of electronic textures and unconventional rhythmic twists,” a news release said.

The changes mirror changes in the band members’ lives, from divorce and remarriage, to overseas moves, to tragic loss.

The Posies’ drummer, Darius Minwalla, died unexpectedly in 2104. And bassist Joe Skyward died last year after a battle with prostate cancer.

“That had a huge impact on us personally,” Stringfellow told the Herald.

Auer said he and Stringfellow channeled the loss and the change in Solid States.

It’s been hailed as “a steadfast album of forward-looking, well aged rock ‘n’ roll power pop,” with songs that “pack a musical and lyrical punch.”

Drummers Frankie Siragusa and Kliph Scurlock, appear on the album, along with singer Gizelle Smith, Auer’s wife Tiz Aramini and Stringfellow’s daughter Aden.

The Posies got started in Bellingham in the late 1980s, with hits ranging from Golden Blunders to Dream All Day .

Solid States is the band’s eighth album, and the first since Blood/Candy in 2010.

The guys head out on a European tour this fall, after a spring U.S. tour that included stops in Bellingham, Seattle and Walla Walla.

Like Stringfellow, Auer said he hopes fans embrace the band’s evolving musical style.

“We’re not just trying to give people the same old thing,” he said. “We keep growing and trying.”

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