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Artwork sought for ‘Tri-Cities Public Market Dream Show’

A year-round indoor public market is envisioned in the Tri-Cities, and a new art exhibit at the DrewBoy Creative gallery will explore what it could look like and include.

The exhibit, called the Tri-Cities Public Market Dream Show, still is happening despite Richland officials’ recent rejection of a proposal to add a public market to that city’s development plans for a site off George Washington Way.

Submissions are being accepted now. The show opens May 13.

The public is disappointed in the setback and still clearly wants the public market, said Davin Diaz, DrewBoy Creative founder.

“So we’re going to move forward with the show. I think it’s a good exercise for the public to express their ideas for what they want to see in a public market, and for the community,” he said.

Adam Brault, a Richland businessman and public market visionary, approached Diaz a while back with the idea for the show.

“Our goal is to create a visual brainstorming session,” Diaz said. “If you have an idea for what the market could look like, submit it. It doesn’t have to be a schematic or blueprint. If you want to see a water slide there, submit it. Find a way to represent it visually. If you want to focus on one feature of the public market, do it.”

All media types are welcome, and prizes will be awarded in several categories.

All the art that’s submitted will be displayed, space permitting.

Diaz said the show concept spoke to him as a dreamer. And the Tri-Cities has a unique opportunity at this moment to harness big ideas, big dreams, into something special, he said.

“We have the chance to create a cultural community. It’s been in its infancy the last 20 to 30 years, and now is the chance for it to mature and grow. We as a community get to define what it looks like,” Diaz said.

Events like the Tri-Cities Public Market Dream Show help to that end, he said.

The DrewBoy Creative gallery is in the new Confluent makerspace at 285 Williams Blvd., Richland.

An opening reception for the Dream Show is planned at 7 p.m. May 13.

For details on submitting pieces to the show, go to

The submission deadline is May 11.