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Play review: Chiawana High School nails 'Beauty and the Beast'

The Chiawana High School Stage Company's presentation of Beauty and the Beast ranks as one of the jewels in the Tri-City theater season.

With seamless set changes and superb set design, this was a flawless performance. The costumes were stunning and the visuals were perfect, capturing every moment in the play beautifully.

Belle, played by Alexandra Cid, enchanted the audience from her stage entrance through her transfixing transformation. She stepped into the spotlight and gave the performance of her young life. Her voice is mature and her range impeccable.

The Beast was brilliantly portrayed by Zach Buhler, whose rich vocals were mesmerizing. He also narrated the prologue -- an interesting way to begin the show.

Vanessa Vega, who plays Mrs. Potts, displayed remarkable vocal technique and possesses enviable singing talent.

Delaney Rogers (as Cogsworth), Quentin Naef (as Lumier), Taylor Johnson (as Madame Wardrobe) and Rachel Ross (as Chip) all lit up the stage with their talent. Chip's transportation was a surprise, but it solved the problem of how to transport a cup without a saucer.

The silly girls (played by Savannah West, Kristen Carpenter and Hannah Sullivan) were brilliantly funny with harmonized vocals.

Taylor Sisemore may have been handed the most difficult acting role as Maurice, aka Papa, but convincingly portrayed an elderly man.

Babette the Featherduster (as Kalli Reid) honed her character so well that I found it difficult to believe there is a difference between her in real life and the character.

Jaiden Ford (as LeFou) served as the comic relief, and Gaston (played by Jonathan Steele) was arrogance personified. They developed impeccable timing, and their vocals work well together.

While his role was small, Taylor Storaci (as Monsieur D'Arque) played a wonderful villain, and the other actors enhanced this brilliantly cast production.

The Chiawana High School Stage Company, its drama and music directors pulled off a massive undertaking with this production and did it with great success. The vocals are rich and full of promise, making this a perfect opportunity to expose your family to the wonders of live theater.

Curtain time for the final three shows is 7 p.m. Dec. 8-9 and 1 p.m. Dec. 10. Each show is scheduled for the Pasco school's auditorium, 8125 W. Argent Road. Tickets cost $15 for adults and $12 for students and seniors.

*Layne Newman spent 27 years as a military wife before moving to Kennewick. Her two passions are theater and history, both of which she picked up while growing up in New Zealand.