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Tri-City artist's books on display in Kennewick

A collection of sculptural books created by Tri-City artist Morse Clary will be on display through Sept. 14 at the Laura Gable Studio, 17 N. Auburn St., in downtown Kennewick.

The concept of these books is outside the traditional and expected, and therefore they must be read differently, Clary said.

Clary has been an art instructor at Columbia Basin College for more than three decades.

"Having taught visual arts at the college level for 32 years, I have a great love and respect for books as embodiments and conveyors of ideas, stories, information and other potentials," he said. "I also enjoy their tactile qualities of texture, weight and substance."

The exhibit also includes a selection of Clary's finely crafted wood and found object sculptural forms, Gable said.

The series of work is an investigation of the book as a sculptural metaphor, she added.