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A kinder, gentler brand of comedy

Brian Regan is a funnyman with a conscience. He will make fun of himself before resorting to tearing up the bad behavior of celebrity dunderheads.

And he says there's nothing edgy or controversial about his comedy routine, nor a bunch of foul language spilling out of his mouth.

"Oh, I'm capable of bad language," he said in an telephone interview from his home in Las Vegas. "But usually it happens at 3 in the morning when I smash my toes against a piece of furniture on the way to the bathroom."

Regan brings his wholesome humor to the Windermere Theatre at the Toyota Center on Jan. 27.

Regan has been performing stand-up comedy for more than 30 years.

"I discovered comedy in college when I took a speech class. Everyone laughed when it was my turn to talk and that surprised me but I liked it," he said.

And comedy gave him a reason to sleep in every morning. "I'm not a morning guy," he said. "They called me Rip in college because I had trouble waking up in time to get to class. I figured comedy was a night gig and I could sleep until 3 in the afternoon."

Regan, 52, is married with two children, ages 11 and 7. But he doesn't allow his home life to infiltrate into his comedy fodder either.

"I try to keep that out of it because doing that can come back and bite you in the butt," he said.

"There's certainly comedy in my family. Though I love to make my wife and kids laugh, it's my kids that get me laughing most of the time. It's special when your kids make you laugh."

Though making your living on the comedy circuit can keep you on the road a lot, Regan plans his gigs so he's home more than he's away, especially because of a later start into fatherhood.

"By the time our kids came along I was ready for them," he said. "I love being a dad. I only work two weekends a month but sometimes my wife does ask me, 'Honey, don't you have to hit the road?' "

Regan first appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman in 1995 and recently made his 20th appearance on the Late Show.

His 1997 CD, Brian Regan Live, has sold more than 150,000 copes and is a steady chart topper on iTunes. He also released a DVD in 2004 called I walked on the Moon.

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