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Artists to open their doors to public

Every year curiosity seekers get to sneak a peek inside an artist's sanctuary during the annual Tri-City Artists Open Studio Tour.

This year there will be 11 studios on the tour that will feature everything from fused glass art to sculpture, as well as metal work, fiber arts, wood turning and just about every other art form.

The best part is that it doesn't cost a dime. This year's tour is from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Nov. 13-14.

Artist Lisa Day returns to the tour after bowing out for a few years, and she couldn't be happier.

"Through the years artists have dropped out and rejoined the tour," Day said. "I wanted to rejoin last year but there was not an available slot."

Day also is one of four local artists who formed the tour several years ago.

"The tour was started to showcase local artists and to allow people to see artists' work spaces," Day said.

Day, of West Richland, has a colorful, whimsical style reminiscent of Picasso.

"What attracts me to the Picasso style is the boldness of the designs, the colors and the freedom to create from my head," she said. "There's no right or wrong way to paint or arrange the elements of the painting. I also incorporate this style into tiles. I make my own tiles and fire them and reassemble the parts into a mosaic whether it be a sculpture or a table."

Lisa Hill of Richland also will debut a new style of art during this year's tour.

Many of her paintings are inspired by the various colors and shapes found in the flora and fauna of nature.

She's taken two of her flower creations and given them a different look. The painting of poppies are 30-by-23-inch puzzles that sell for $700 and the 32-by-40-inch iris painting puzzle sells for $1,200.

"I had a booth at the Custer's Arts & Crafts show at the TRAC this weekend and got a lot of great response to my puzzled paintings of irises and poppies," Hill said.

"Many people stopped and looked closely to see if I had hung a partially finished puzzle on the wall."

Hill discovered that coming up with the idea of turning her paintings into puzzles allowed her to retain her style of using brightly colored and realistic paintings of flowers. "But with a very abstract quality applied over the top, which is quite a departure from my usual paintings," she added. "It was a challenge to choose an underlying image with a good artistic composition and also have the layout of the puzzle pieces be a good composition too."

The puzzle paintings also sell as prints and notecards.

Here's the list of artists and studios on the tour. Some studios are in artists' homes while others are in various business settings:

-- Laura Gable, 308-0666, 17 N. Auburn St., Kennewick. Her studio features oil and watercolor paintings.

-- Ruth Stromswold and Kasia Gorski have a joint studio called Arte at 702 Jadwin Ave., Suite B, in Richland. Call 946-8160 or go to www.rsart. com or www.fineartbykasia. com. Both are oil painters.

-- Chris Walling's studio at 631 Lynnwood Loop, Richland, features watercolors and mixed media. Call 375-4299 or go to

-- Ted Neth's sculpture studio is at 1931 Davison Ave., Richland. Call 946-8655 or go to

-- Consuelo Soto Murphy paints whimsical acrylics in her studio at 1509 Sanford Ave., Richland. Call 727-7770 or go to

-- Ron and Vicki Gerton share a studio called The Art Space at 2141 Van Giesen St., Richland. Call 378-9335 or go to www. The husband and wife team blend sculpture and fiber art.

-- The Anvil Studio at 1955 Birch Ave., Richland, features the watercolors of Carol Romsos and pottery, poetry and paintings of Dennis Brunson.

-- Lisa Hill's watercolor studio is at 619 Tanglewood Drive, Richland. Call 943-2244 or go to

-- Susan Kimmel's art includes eye-catching silver jewelry and collage creations in her home studio at 4352 Laurel Drive in West Richland. Call 967-9170 or go to www.kimmel

-- Lisa Day's studio is at 4011 Tamarack Drive in West Richland. Call 948-0258 or go to

-- Linda Andrews' studio of fused glass and jewelry design is at 57204 N. Sunset Road in Benton City. Call 588-8446 or go to