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CBC puts modern twist on Shakespeare classic

Ready for a good tragedy, complete with blood and guts?

Columbia Basin College has what you need when Shakespeare's MacBeth opens March 5 in the CBC theater.

For those non-Shakespearean types, MacBeth is about a shady nobleman and war captain who stumbles upon three ugly witches who promise him the title of King.

Being the ambitious sort, MacBeth likes the ring of "King" and shares the witches' promise with his equally ambitious wife. She, in turn, sets in motion a scheme of lies and murder to retrieve the promise on her husband's behalf.

But evil rarely wins as the greedy couple get their due.

"The crown and the bloodshed to gain it begin to wear heavily on MacBeth and his wife, and we watch as their ill-gotten gains drive them to madness and more bloodshed, as their country descends into chaos," said Ginny Quinley, CBC's drama teacher.

"The only hope of redemption lies in the rightful heir to the throne, Malcolm, and the unfailingly honest and loyal nobleman, MacDuff."

Ryan Clements plays MacBeth and Melissa Barcroft is his rapacious wife. The witches are portrayed by Bri Wenger, Avril Martinez and Cady Rutherford. Skylar Kovach is Malcolm and Michael Burmudez is MacDuff.

CBC student Stephanie Fanning directed this 60-minute version of the Shakespeare original.

Curtain time is 7:30 p.m. March 5-6. The play has a PG rating. Tickets are $10.

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