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Latino Cultural Film Series begins March 4 in Yakima

YAKIMA -- The Allied Arts of Yakima Valley will hold a Latino Cultural Film Series starting March 4 in Yakima.

The series features an eclectic mix of moviemaking from documentaries about Mexican children being educated in American schools to feature films. A discussion will follow each film.

The films, which start at 5 p.m., will be shown at the Allied Arts Center, 5000 W. Lincoln St., Yakima. Advance tickets are $5 and available at the arts center or call 509-966-0930. Admission is $6 at the door. Price includes snacks and beverages.

Organizers call the festival an attempt to "embark on a journey to discover what a community is through the lens of ethnicity and the medium of film."

Here's the schedule:

-- March 4 -- Mi Familia follows three generations of a Mexican-American family who struggle to stay together and survive in East Los Angeles from 1930 to 1960 as they strive to obtain the American Dream. It's narrated by actor Edward James Olmos. The film claims to be renowned director Francis Ford Coppola's way of capturing what it means to be Latino in Southern California.

-- March 11 -- Amexicano is about Bruno, an Italian-American, who meets up with an illegal Mexican immigrant, Ignacio, in a labor camp and discovers a growing respect for his Ignacio's work ethic. A friendship evolves as Bruno begins to shed his narrow-minded beliefs.

-- March 18 -- Papers is a documentary that claims there are 2 million undocumented Mexican children educated in American schools and run the risk of being deported to countries they no longer remember.

-- March 25 -- Sugar is an R-rated film that follows the life of Dominican Miguel "Sugar" Santos struggling to make it to the big leagues of American baseball in an effort to pull his family out of poverty.

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