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Battelle Film Club to show documentaries, dramas

Films and documentaries on the Apollo space program, the Holocaust, the struggles of a Chinese concubine and in a fantasy world of exotic bandits are among the 10 movies featured in this year's Spring Film Festival in Richland.

The Battelle Film Club's annual event starts Feb. 12 at 8 p.m. in the Battelle Auditorium.

Season tickets to see all the movies are $13. Individual tickets are $3 for each film. Tickets are available at

Here's the schedule:

Feb. 12 -- The Diving Bell and the Butterfly is a French/American-made film based on the true story of a magazine editor paralyzed by a massive stroke at age 43. The movie is about the relationship that evolves with his nurses who taught him how to communicate again. Rated PG-13.

Feb. 26 -- Land of Silence and Darkness is a German documentary about a 56-year-old woman who's been blind and deaf since her late teens and how she fought to overcome her immense isolation by helping others with similar disabilities. Not rated.

March 12 -- Paper Clips is an American documentary set in rural Tennessee about an extraordinary experiment in Holocaust education involving students who decide to collect 6 million paper clips to better understand the extent of the crime against humanity. Rated G.

March 26 -- Let the Right One In is an R-rated horror/romance Swedish film about a 12-year-old boy who befriends a mysterious woman who moves into the neighborhood. When dead bodies start piling up, the boy suspects his friend might be a vampire.

April 9 -- Goodbye Solo is an R-rated Spanish/English/French film about two men who forge an improbable friendship that changes both of their lives forever.

April 23 -- The Fall is an adventure/drama/fantasy English/Romanian film about a suicidal stuntman in 1915 Los Angeles who entertains a young girl with fantastic tales that take place in a visually sumptuous fantasy world of exotic bandits, evil tyrants and dreamlike palaces. The film is rated R.

May 7 -- In the Shadow of the Moon is a PG-rated American/British documentary about the Apollo space program during President John F. Kennedy's term in office.

May 21 -- The Man Without A Past is a PG-13-rated Finnish comedy/drama about a welder new to Helsinki, Finland, who recovers from a beating but suffers amnesia and must rebuild his life, especially his own identity.

June 4 -- Raise the Red Lantern is a PG-rated Chinese film that defines voluptuous physical beauty and angry passions through the life of a young woman who is sold into slavery by her mother and becomes a concubine to a wealthy man with other wives.

June 18 -- Frozen River is an R-rated English film about the harsh, barren and bleak winter terrain of Massena, N.Y., and the two single mothers who turn to smuggling illegal aliens across Mohawk land to support their families.

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