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Mel Haug returns for one more spin

Mel Haug admits he loves rock 'n' roll, but there's nothing like a few swing tunes to get your wiggle on.

That's the spin he's taking with his Tenth Avenue Singers this year as the Pasco High group presents its annual revue Feb. 4-6 in the high school's Gregson Auditorium.

Haug thought last year's show would be the last for the Tenth Avenue Singers because he was retiring to spend more time in his ministry.

But he got roped back into one more year of teaching music after Chiawana High opened this year and pulled away a few Pasco music staffers to the new school.

"I've basically gone into the ministry full time now," Haug said. "But with the school splitting this year I agreed to come back and help a few hours in the morning at Pasco High, and Tenth Avenue ended up being one of my classes. So we decided to do one more big show."

He titled this one Spin The Dial, and it'll feature music with styles from jazz to country to gospel to rock to swing.

"It's going to be cool because we're doing a bunch of different genres and covering a lot of great music," Haug said. "This is a great bunch of kids working hard to present a terrific show."

Saul Martinez, a senior, is one of the students making his singing debut with this year's show.

"My sophomore and junior year I was the camera guy for Tenth Avenue's Idol show and American Bandstand," Saul said. "My older sister Neddy Martinez was a Tenth Avenue Singer and that's when I started to connect. I love the whole Tenth Avenue program. Mr. Haug is the best vocal teacher in the world and I have dramatically improved because of him."

He often blends harmony singing at home or in churches and talent shows with his sisters Neddy and Neydeen and brother Samson.

Martinez, who will also graduate with an AA degree from Columbia Basin College this year thanks to the Running Start program, said he's as yet undecided on what college he'll attend. He plans to major in business administration or communications, as well as theology.

And thanks to his experiences with Tenth Avenue and other performances, he plans on taking his music wherever the wind blows him.

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