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Pokemon tourney offers shot at national invite

What do Arceus, Tangrowth, Piplup, Zapdos and Prinlup have in common?

Other than having quirky names, they're all part of the Pokémon trading card family.

And now the Pokémon Company International, a worldwide leader in trading card games, will bring its championship tournament to the Tri-Cities on Dec. 5 at Adventures Underground in Richland.

Tri-City participants in this tournament will compete for Pokémon prizes, medals and the gratification of being named city champ, said Catharine Neblett, with the public relations firm promoting the event.

"There are some exciting prizes," Neblett said. "Including Pokémon booster packs that contain additional cards to boost collections.

"In addition, all Pokémon premier events, including city championships, award Premier Rating Points that can earn players an invitation to the world championships in August 2010."

The tournament is open to all ages and there is no entry fee.

Players are separated into three divisions, Neblett said. Junior division for those born in 1999 or later, senior division for those born 1995-98, and the masters division for those born in 1994 or earlier.

The daylong event starts at 10 a.m. Adventures Underground bookstore is in the Uptown Shopping Center off George Washington Way in Richland.

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