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CBC's 'Push' shows everything eventually works out in the end

Push, a play that offers vignettes of people being pushed in different directions in life, is Columbia Basin College's first play of the season.

The CBC presentation is only the second production of the play in the country, said director Ginny Quinley. The play premiered at Penn State University last year.

The play focuses on one character, Aaron, played by James Callaghan, an out-of-work writer whose wife has just left him. Aaron is pushed along by events as his life unravels in a series of scenes involving 16 other characters. All of them finally meet up by the play's end.

"I love the bottom line idea or theme in this play -- that the universe will work things out for us if we just let it," Quinley said.

The playwright, Robert Caisley, built some subtle messages into the play.

"There are some cool quotes in the script," Quinley said. "I also like the message that we're all in each other's lives for a reason, and perhaps we should look to learn from one another rather than being so quick to be negative or to judge others just because they're different from ourselves."

Push is rated R for strong language and is not recommended for children.

Admission is $10 for adults and $8 for students and senior citizens.

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