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Promise Remains Tour to play in Kennewick

For Christian songwriter Todd Agnew, going on tour with Building 429 and Kimber Rising was like learning to ride a bike again.

"We kind of got to cheat because everybody knows what they're doing," Agnew said. "We've been friends with Building for a long time and we had Kimber out with us for Christmas last year and Building had Kimber out last summer, so we kind of all jumped in. Usually it takes a couple weeks to figure out the chemistry and all that."

The three groups kicked off their fall 2009 Promise Remains Tour on Sept. 17 and will be stopping by the Tri-Cities on Oct. 30 for a special show.

The concert begins at 6:45 p.m. at the Calvary Church in Kennewick with local Christian rock band Broken opening the show.

The tour is sponsored by World Vision, a disaster relief organization, while the local concert is sponsored by Richland booking company Barnabas Productions.

"You're going to get a rock show, it is what it is," said Jason Roy, lead singer for Building 429. "When we play these shows, we don't play them with any less than a bar of greatness that we've seen put before us, so we definitely go out and do the best that we possibly can to put on an amazing show. It's definitely a mix of ministry and a showmanship of music."

After more than five years since their last tour together, Agnew said it's been neat being there at the beginning of Building 429 members' career and seeing them "grow into great men, great ministers and great musicians."

Agnew released his latest album, Need, on Oct. 11. It explores what people think they need, what they really need and how they may find these things through a higher power.

With the depressed national economy, Roy said their music is needed more than ever.

"One of the hard things about living in America is we're so prosperous," he said. "You don't necessarily need God here as much as you do in Third World countries. There the need for God is tangible; they pray for the hand of God to come save them. Here we have our retirement accounts.

"Because of our prosperity, it makes us complacent with our relationship with God."Believer or not, these artists are serving up some great entertainment.

"Those of you who might not be believers, come out and you might be blown away," Roy said. "For those who are believers, come out and get your faith uplifted."

Calvary Church is at 10611 W. Clearwater Ave.

Tickets are $18 for general admission or $13 for groups of 10 or more.

For more information and ticket locations, go to www.