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Husband, wife team takes the stage for Frontier Days

WALLA WALLA -- and Rory Feek are much more than one of the newest duets to come out of Nashville.

Besides the fact that they're married to each other, they both seem to have found that happy place where celerity and marriage thrive.

The couple are opening for Blake Shelton who headlines the Frontier Days celebration at the Walla Walla fairgrounds. Showtime is 7 p.m. Sept. 2.

Music plays a factor in all that marital bliss. Since the Feeks are musically driven, singing how they feel is easier than speaking the words.

"We always sing it the way we feel it," Joey said in a recent phone telephone interview.

Watch one of their music videos or see them in concert and all that emotion becomes clear. Their most popular song to date is Cheater Cheater, and part of the video was shot at their vintage 1890 farm house near Nashville.

Joey describes her husband as a natural storyteller, which is why he's a successful songwriter, she said. Joey is the lead singer when the two perform while Rory backs her up on guitar and vocals.

Cheater Cheater is a racy song about infidelity with lyrics like this: "So where'd you meet that no-good, white-trash 'ho' "

Now y'all might think that would be tough for a moral conservative to sing about, Joey said. Not this up-and-coming country diva, according to her equally talented husband.

"When Joey first heard Cheater Cheater she flipped out about it," Rory said. "She loved it." And so did the audience on CMT's talent show called Can You Duet.

"When we sang that song the audience went wild, especially when Joey sang that line," Rory said.

"I was nervous as can be before the show started," Joey said. "But we did all right."The husband and wife team took third place in last year's competition.

When they aren't on the road performing, Joey likes to cook and bake. She opened a restaurant near their Pottsville, Tenn., home in 2006 with her sister-in-law called Marcy Jo's Meal House.

"I never thought I'd be in the restaurant business but I'm really enjoying it," Joey said.

Rory has been a songwriter in Nashville since 1995. He's written songs for top country singers like Clint Black, Blake Shelton, Jimmy Wayne and Clay Walker. His wife has been singing since childhood and didn't sing professionally until 1998. The two have been married for seven years.

They released their debut album, The Life of a Song, in 2008 on the Sugar Hill Records label and it reached No. 10 on Billboard country album chart. They also were nominated this year for top vocal duo for the Academy of Country Music Awards.

They will tour Europe in November then have plans to do more television, though they weren't specific about what capacity. Rory also plans to continue writing songs as well as continue with his and Joey's philanthropic venture called The Song Trust.

The nonprofit agency, made up of the Feeks, Tim Johnson and Jeff Skillen, created the site to raise money and awareness for animals. The project's first album, The Dog Singer, is a collection of songs mostly written and sung from a dog's perspective. A single off the album, Choose Me, hit No. 29 on the Billboard chart last year.

They call themselves The Song Trust in order to tap into the iPod generation's single-track buying habits by making the song the star.

"We're huge animal lovers so this project is very dear to us," Rory said.

You can watch the video of Choose Me at It's recommended to keep a tissue handy, the video has been known to bring tears.